Computers for schools, colleges and universities

Computers for schools, colleges, polytechnics and universities

Whether it’s for doing assignments online or collaborating in class, your students need to have the right computer equipment at their fingertips. At Recompute, we stock the most reliable business range models; robust and durable computers designed to deliver the performance your students need to succeed.

  • – Enterprise-class machines by Lenovo, Dell and HP
  • – Powered by Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors
  • – Minimum 4GB memory and 250 GB storage



Stretch your budget further

We understand budgets are tight and it’s not always possible to buy brand new. That’s why we stock fully refurbished, ex-lease laptops, desktops and tablets. Get more value for your money without compromising reliability and performance, buy refurbished for high performance IT equipment at cost-effective prices.

  • – Get more value for money with up to 60% off the RRP
  • – Flexible payment options to spread the cost over time
  • – Buy with confidence, all orders are covered by warranty

Debunking common myths and misconceptions about refurbished computers 

“Refurbished computers don’t last long”
A common misconception is that refurbished units break after a few months. That’s why we back all our refurbished computers with a 12-month warranty so that you can order with confidence and experience a service that rivals that of buying a new computer.

“Refurbished computers are unreliable.”
When we receive an ex-lease computer at our facility, it is repaired, cleaned and rigorously tested before going up for resale. As a general rule, a fully refurbished computer is more stable because it has been field-tested, and any defects or bugs fixed before it was put on sale.

“Refurbished computers are all mismatched.”
At Recompute, you can order large quantities of the same make and model to ensure your computer equipment has consistent capabilities to suit your requirements, across the entire business.
Refurbished computers debunked


Go green, buy refurbished

80% of the energy used by a computer is expended during its manufacture. Choosing refurbished computers helps to protect the environment by reducing demand for the planet’s finite resources required to manufacture new electrical devices. Buy refurbished, the ethical and green option, to lower carbon emissions driven by IT procurement.

  • – Lower the demand for mining raw materials for parts
  • – Minimise the impact of labour of production
  • – Prevent toxins from seeping into the environment

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